Building a Framework for Trans-Affirming Programs

What does it actually mean to be a “trans-affirming” program? At what point in your program’s growth is it reasonable to accept transgender clients? What are specific aspects of programming that need to be addressed to enhance and support trans clients? What are the risks to clients being enrolled prior to a program’s readiness? We all know that our learning must extend beyond an annual, two-day conference—so what can we do the rest of the year to ensure we meet our goals and support the needs of all?
Trans advocate, Arielle Rebekah, and Whetstone Academy’s Co-Clinical Director, Erin Cantalini, will outline and process the minimum requirements to guide programs seeking enrollment for transgender students and ongoing steps for those aiming to holistically and sustainably support trans students at every intersection of identity.
Participants are encouraged to actively engage through conversations, resource-sharing and submitting questions they have pertaining to these topics.