The Sis Experience: Creating While Trans

Sis is part of an important movement in the Broadway theater community: young creatives facing the COVID shutdown by challenging the status quo in the arts community that is surprisingly unwelcoming to trans people. Producer, Writer, Director and Performer, Sis stands at the forefront of innovation in how Broadway productions are being presented online, while creating opportunity for trans and BIPOC creatives. Many queer youth share an experience of healing through the arts. Those who pursue creativity as a profession find that opportunities are limited. Sis will present on what young trans creatives face when pursuing the arts as a career. Her journey is as eye-opening as it is inspiring. In this conversation participants will learn how to support trans youth in their pursuit of a rich and engaging life after treatment.

Daniel Fishburn, LCSW, LCAS of SUWS of the Carolinas will join Sis for this conversation on understanding needs and opportunities of the trans kids we serve.