Dr. Fred Peipman

Dr. Fred Peipman

Drawing from my  past work with adults, teenagers, young adults, and families, I offer information, direction, and ideas for making real-life changes.

I specialize in treating mood disorders such as depression and anxiety, self-harm,  ADHD, family issues, work stress, and social anxiety. I am  known for my warmth, compassion, blunt honesty, irreverence, and sense of humor.  Using CBT and ACT, my treatment approach is more conversational, action-oriented, and solution-focused.

I  love being outdoors and feel at home in the natural world. When not working, I enjoy snowboarding, traveling, sailing, scuba diving, singing, camping, and cooking.

Gender-Inclusive Wilderness Therapy: Serving Trans, Non-binary, and gender-expansive youth and their families

All-gender adolescent groups in wilderness therapy can work! Based upon one year of working with gender-expansive youth in wilderness therapy, this session will address common questions, challenges, lessons learned, and how to support students, consultants, and families through the process of learning, growing, and healing. This session will go beyond the basics of gender-expansive definitions […]