Lena H. McCain

Lena H. McCain

Lena McCain is a Psychotherapist who holds a Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health: Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University. Her drive and passions lie in the realm of Interfaith Relations and Youth Collaboration, which she brings to Interfaith Bridge Counseling with over 12 years of experience and with an emphasis on one’s discovery of self, spirituality, and multicultural diversity. Lena’s expertise in spirituality and the therapeutic world acts as a reminder to our community, teens, and young adults that they are not alone in their experience of life.

Bridging the Gap Between Trans Young People & the Religious Experience

Salons G-J

Religion and spirituality provide the structure for how most individuals navigate their lives, including youth and young adults. And yet, it can be a challenging balance to integrate comprehensive and inclusive treatment for transgender young people when the fundamentals of spiritual tenets and values can be contradictory. This session provides an accessible toolkit for mental […]